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Retail Therapy for Comfort Shoppers

February 25, 2021 1 min read

Retail Therapy

Research has shown that retail therapy has a primary purpose of helping the buyer's mood or disposition. I know that a little bit of retail therapy always help me in my times of stress.  It is usually short lived though.  Image going to a psychologist every time you are feeling a bit depressed or how the saying goes "feeling a little bit under the weather" .  Since I've mentioned the psychologist, Let me do the research on how much a visit would be per appointment.  I'll be right back 

Okay, I am back!

"Private services are available and are covered by some insurance plans. The cost for private counseling or therapy can range from $50 to $240 for a one-hour session." How much does therapy or counseling cost? | Depression (informedchoices.ca)



No thank you right!!??  


Joyce Crosby
Joyce Crosby

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