Moringa Double Butter Soap Bar

MORINGA SOAP BAR – Handmade Soap Bars – Vegan All Natural Shea Butter Soap – Body Care Artisan
Soap - Round Soap Bar – Homemade Eczema Soap

Natural Moringa soap bar helps to cleanse and moisturize your skin. Our handmade soap bars are
made in small batches with pure and natural ingredients. This homemade soap contains Shea butter for
gentle cleansing and moisturizing. It is made with mango butter and Shea butter blend! This soap is
lightly fragranced with sweet orange essential oil. This is the perfect soap bar to wash your body and
face daily.
● Moringa Leaf
● Mango Butter
● Shea Butter
✅Moringa Leaf: Prevents acne breakouts, removes dark spots, blackheads, blemishes, and pimples
✅Mango Butter: Stimulates the skin’s renewal process, improves skin texture and elasticity
✅Shea Butter: Boosts skin moisture, soothes skin problems
▶F E A T U R E S
✔️Vegan Free
✔️100% Handmade Soap Bars
✔️100% Natural and Organic
✔️Made with fresh high-quality natural ingredients
✔️Perfect for both men and women
✔️Suitable for all skin types
✔️Has no harsh or chemical ingredients
🎁Luxury Soap Gift
Our artisan round soap bars makes lovely wedding favors, bridal shower gifts, baby shower gifts, and
birthday gifts to show utmost care.

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