Autumn Leaves Vegan Soap

We don’t need to remind you that fall is the best season of the year. It’s because of all the
smells. From the crisp autumn air to warm bonfires, it’s easy to fall in love with such a lovely
aroma. Our Autumn Leaves Vegan Soap embodies everything magical about the turning of the
seasons. This signature blend features a light and musky autumn aroma that is wonderfully
refreshing. Our soap bar feels nostalgic, like the fond memories of jumping in a pile of freshly
raked leaves as a kid. It’s finished with coconut oil, so it’s as nourishing as it is cleansing.

We realize you probably already know how to use soap, but we like to be thorough in our work
anyway! Place your hands and soap bar under running water to start your cleansing journey.
Rub the soap with both hands to create a lather and massage onto skin. Place your soap bar
back on its shelf and rinse thoroughly. Finish by patting skin dry with a clean towel.

- A clean and crisp scent
- Filled with skin-hydrating coconut oil
- Great gift for your autumn-obsessed friends!

No matter how gentle our formulas are, we acknowledge that everyone is made differently. So,
we suggest doing a small skin patch test before using ANY new skincare products, no matter brand.

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