Lavender and Hibiscus Milk Bath Soak


Warm and welcoming like a much-needed break after a long day, our lavender and hibiscus bath soak is more than just an aromatic experience. This blend is the perfect mixture of floral scents, hydrating oils, and refreshing dead sea salts. Dive right in once the temperature is just right to delight in something luxurious.
Milk baths have been used to soothe, hydrate, and exfoliate skin. They are great for easing sunburns, reducing dry spots, and promoting a relaxing night of sleep.

Start by filling your tub with warm or hot bath water at your desired temperature. Next, add 2-4
scoops of our bath soak under running water. Swish until fully dissolved. Step in, relax and


* Great for self-care
*Soothe, hydrate, and exfoliate your skin
*reduce fine lines and wrinkles
*promote relaxing sleep
*reduce dry spots and flare-ups
*ease sunburn
*improve skin firmness
*ease tension
*relieve stress after a long day

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